Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Juice Cleansing Day 3

By Kim Smith

Well, here we are on day 3. We've been shedding 2 lbs. a day so far on our juice feast. We're feeling great and surprisingly not craving solid foods...the juices are so packed with nutrition (and delicious!)  that we haven't felt deprived. 

Here's the juice recipe we've been enjoying for lunch:
(Recipe for 1 person)

1 quarter inch organic ginger
1/2 an organic lemon
2 organic grapefruits
organic stevia powder to sweeten

When juicing lemons you can leave the skin on, but for grapefruit you need to peel them.

We've also been supplementing our juice feast with spirulina powder and chlorella powder in alkaline water to help us get rid of toxins. We're also using Cellfood in our alkaline water.

Click here for more information on alkaline water: 

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