Monday, June 27, 2011

Juice Cleansing Day 8 -15

By Kim Smith

 Busy at the store, so I'll be combining days. We're still on our juice cleanse. Our skin looks great and our clothes are getting looser. We can feel that our bodies are in repair mode. 

Here are some pictures from another one of our juices:

All the veggies for our juice.
Remember this is for 2 people.
organic celery, organic zucchini, organic tomatoes, organic romaine, organic red bell pepper, & organic lemon.
Here's what it looked like after it was juiced, but before I stirred it together.
We decided it was too good to gulp down from a glass, so we put it in bowls & used a spoon.

Remember to "chew" your juice, so it gets mixed in with your saliva to help with digesting.

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