Friday, June 17, 2011

Juice Cleansing Day 5

By Kim Smith

We've made it to day 5!
We've had some questions about how we're doing our juice cleanse, so I thought I'd take some time today to let you know. Sean and I are vegan and mostly raw, so transitioning into a juice cleanse was fairly easy for us. If you're wanting to do a juice cleanse coming from a Standard American Diet, you may want to start cutting out meat, poultry, fish, eggs and dairy out of your diet and add lots of fresh raw organic produce to it for a week or 2 before you juice cleanse. If your on any medications, you'll want to have your doctor monitor you to make sure if you're dosage needs to be altered. Here's a great website that is dedicated to juice fasting
I'll follow up more tomorrow.

Here's a picture of our red cabbage juice

It's just organic red cabbage!

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AJ said...

I SO admire you both in how you are sticking to this cleanse! You make it look so easy and sound so delicious!