Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Weight Loss Resolutions, Part 1

With the new year come resolutions. The big ones seem to be for weight loss & cleansing to start healthy in the new year. Unfortunately resolutions usually get broken unless fast results occur. There is no magic pill for weight loss...wish there was, everyone could be thin & we'd be rich :). Body fat is a form of protection. It's there to protect your organs from toxins. It can also be a form of emotional protection to keep you at a distance from those who harm with verbal toxins. Weight gain can be from so many things, it's not as easy as "you're eating too much & not getting enough exercise". In this time of our lives we're being over burdened by toxins & stress. More now than any other time in history, Americans are undernourished and over weight. The majority of our foods are void of nutrition. Our soil has been depleted of essential minerals, and our foods are heavy ladened with chemicals. Before World War 2 all produce was "organic". Organic is not some "new age" "hippie" invention, it's what nature intended & our bodies recognize as nutrition. Chemicals such as pesticides & herbicides are unrecognized by the body and there for are stored in our fat cells to protect our important organs from harm. We're also dealing with genetically modified organisms (GMO's) added to conventional produce. Our bodies don't recognize this either. Studies have proven that there is a 100% inflammatory response to consuming food products containing GMO's. Organic is so much easier to come by than in the past, & it's a wonderful start to healthy eating & weight loss.

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